Friday, October 17, 2014

Just a little catch up...oh and some news!

Its been busy is an understatement around here. Life gets away from you sometimes and that certainly seems to be where we are at. October 17th today. It's nearly the end of the month.

Our big news now exposed to our family, friends and 'community' on that we are Moving! And not just a little move across town, but a big move to another state. And our leave date? October 31st. The end of the month...the one that's in 2 weeks from today- let me let out a little scream now! Excitement - YES its all around- the kids are thrilled, we are thrilled and then I look around the house, garage, yard and I get a little frightened! We have A LOT OF STUFF. Downsizing is awesome, trashing stuff is such a relief but we have a ways to go still. We'll be traveling and moving with just our mini van, a car and a little trailer. We'll be getting  storage for some of the keepsakes and kids toys. Yeah you try telling your kids they get 2 backpacks to pack with anything they can't live with for 6 months and that's it! Now I'm just kind of hoping they don't miss the stuff stored and we can downsize even more? Perhaps. But for now they are doing well with little belongings and learning a great lesson that material items aren't important. Family is, and as long as our needs are met we are good...we will have a home, clothes, food and each other.

A few pictures of 'real' life for you- yeah this is real, this is messy, its a bit crazy but the end result of our move, our adventure, together as a family will be amazing and we can't wait!

 Messy yard....I should really take an after picture because me and my boy got this ALL cleared up!

 I have to say I have the best helpers!

 Garage getting stacked and organized...animals wondering what on earth is happening!
 Kids and pups having break time.
 Hard for the kids to see the walls blank...they both said the house looked naked. I had to laugh!

It definitely doesn't look like 'home' any more. Getting emptied, getting boxed up, on our way to leave on our new adventure one box at a time....

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