Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Life & Faith

In the midst of packing, cleaning, moving very soon...there have been sweet, peaceful, loving, learning, fun moments...not too many pictures have been taken, but these moments have been soaked up and taken in. Our daughter, 14, perfecting her art skills, working with different mediums...our daughter looking so grown up in a nice pair of slacks and silk top- I just have to stare at her in awe sometimes at what a wonderful young lady she is becoming. Our son this week being such the big helper whether it be helping momma to lift heavy items or helping daddy work on the cars. He's been getting a lesson in electronics, mechanics, math even though we have yet to officially start school with our move fast approaching- today being Wednesday and Friday being our leave day!! Going from excited and anxious in anticipation - - a bit of sadness has crept in as we all realize what wonderful relationships and bonds we have made in our community- the simplicity of small town living and knowing everyone everywhere you go. Blessed we are to be moving to another small town to make new bonds and relationships. We will miss this stop in our lives, the four years we've spent in this town. How it has changed our lives for the better. God certainly knew what he was doing when he led us here and we are in his hands again as we rely on faith to guide us to our next destination on this adventure called life.

Blessings to you wherever your journey takes you.

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