Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Move

The move was very eventful...but we were well equipped to deal with everything thrown our way and stronger for it in the end. With lots of prayers and faith we made it to our destination. Starting our move out late- we had great expectations to leave by 6am- we left at 2pm. We are so incredibly blessed and grateful for good friends...ones that came and helped, ones that brought goodies and food for us, ones that came to send us off and say goodbye- we have made great relationships and that showed in our time of need when our friends were there. Finally off on the road our trailer got a flat tire come 10:30pm and we were stuck not quite at our destination where our hotel room had been booked. Roadside assistance took 4 hours....I'm thankful the kids slept and were not affected. Phoning every hotel in town we finally found one that would allow us 3 dogs in the room- thank you Lord! The tow truck came, the trailer was loaded and we were on our way to a bed for sleep.

Exhausted, sleep felt so good...our alarms went off 4 hours later. Hubbie met the trailer at the shop and two new tires were put on. The kids and I fed and watered the animals...dogs, chickens, pigeons, rabbits, guinea pigs- everyone seemed to be doing well having spent the night in the car (well, not the dogs). Hubbie returned and hooked up the trailer. We were all ready to go - - but before we did- our family had a prayer together for safety, well being, to guide us and be with us through our travels. On the road...through Utah and finally into Idaho (our final destination) - excitement seeing that 'Welcome to Idaho' sign before us! We kept driving into Montana then back into Idaho. Montana gave us heavy rain and some snow.  Our new landlords were gracious enough to tell us to drive straight through and no matter what the time they would meet us so we could sleep the night in our new home. 3am we arrived at our new house! Signed our papers, unloaded a few sleeping bags and everyone laid on the floor...the kids not even changing in PJ's and went to bed.

What a long adventure but we made it...safe and sound. In the morning we all stepped outside to view our surroundings and home and yard for the first time...Wow, an amazing feeling for all the senses...smelling the pine tree's and fresh air...hearing the birds...seeing the beautiful tall tree's...we're at the end of a dirt road on 25 mostly wooded acres with an old barn and a few out buildings, a 3 bedroom home with a good sized grass yard and then there's just the forest. God is great - it is beautiful here. We are excited to continue exploring, adventuring, learning and being together as a family.

 We parted with most of our belongings...a great lesson for the kids and for us as well that less is more and family and being together is whats most important...we left with our van, my car, and a trailer.
 Utah gave us wind and sunshine...Idaho brought rain.
 Then Montana brought us heavier rain and some snow!
 But we made it 'home'..and this is what our first morning looked like...unpacking...

 Second day - day trip to Spokane, rainy day, called for a fire once we were home.

 Life is an adventure....take chances and have faith.

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