Saturday, November 22, 2014

Exploring the Out-Buildings

The rain came heavy last night but no more snow so pretty much the rain washed the snow away with only little tidbits left over on the grass, and ground. None left on the tree's leaves. But snow is again in the forecast for tonight. This morning the sun poked its head in and out of the clouds and gave us an opportunity to go explore the several outbuildings around the property.  There's a shed turned chicken coop, a huge dilapidated barn and a men/women double sided outhouse. We only can go into the shed as the others aren't safe but it was fun to take pictures, walk the perimeter and look through open wooden slats and windows. I love old buildings, especially barns. They tell a story, you wonder about what was kept there, what a farm looked like in its hay day. There's many old broken down barns along the country windy roads here as you travel from town to town.

 The old barn.

 The shed turned chicken coop...

 The outhouse, over taken with tree's.

Nature is a beautiful thing, taking back what once belonged to it before humans over took that piece of land...growing into every old building, window and roof top eventually covering it with trees, grass, leaves, and shrubs once again.

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