Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Morning Hike

The wind chill was so cold today - I told the kids it was going to freeze my ears right off my head. But bundle up we all did to take on another hike around our yard in the woods...I think the morning started out around 22 degree's and warmed up to 29 a little later on as the sun came up....and last night- we saw snow fall, barely, lightly, but it did fall- we stood in the yard shinning flashlights up into it watching the glittery little flecks fall from the sky like stars- amazing! Although there was not much ice on the ground this morning as yesterday when we got to the trail on our hike there was a nice frozen puddle the kids had fun sliding across, grabbing hold of each other as to not fall..until our son did fall! Laughs all around- even in the cold it was wonderful...and what a glorious feeling to find that little ray of sun poke through the trees. We'd stop along the sun beam streaked path and put our faces up to the sun, warming them then hike some more. What a beautiful world we live in.

Chilly fun  morning hiking!

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