Friday, November 28, 2014

Birthday Exploring

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband today....although we technically celebrated last weekend with at the $3 dollar movie theater seeing Guardians of the Galaxy and then a little shopping trip we still gave him wishes today for a happy day and asked him what he wanted to do. Sleep in and go hiking to explore all the way to each corner of the property. Perfect fun. So slept in he did, we all ate some lunch and then we got our boots on and jackets to explore the woods of our yard. 25 acres- he brought his tablet and put up a map of the property and gps for our location to find out how far we could go. Trampling through wooded area's then back onto the paths covered in sticky mud. The rain had washed away all the snow and all that was left was watery muddy puddles in the paths so we did our best to walk along side them. Upon our hike we stumbled across some old equipment on the property engulfed in long grass and weeds. And then traveled back home for some warm fire and hot tea. A few good books in each of our hands and we settled in on the couches for the afternoon watching the rain that came just after we stepped inside. A beautiful day.

Letting our son capture some photo's he says 'Mom the tree's are so big they don't fit in the picture!'
Love these enormous tree's!

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