Monday, November 24, 2014

Dusk Snow Drive & Sledding

I imagine from now on for the next few months there won't be any other type of pictures except snow filled ones if we're capturing things outdoors...we had a sunny day Saturday and now there's only snow in the forecast ahead. Yesterday before the sun was to go down we took a short drive, we laugh that usually as we exit our gravel road we go right to head into town and last eve we decided to go left...take a drive up further into the mountains towards the lake. We traveled in all about an hour- it was much more snow filled and we didn't want to venture too far due to it becoming dark early. The drive was pretty- gorgeous snow covered pines lining the road and every once in a while it would open up to a snow filled pasture and we'd gaze out at a farm, a barn, livestock, horses and cows trotting about in the snow. Beautiful. I still gaze in amazement at the shear size of these tree's....amazing.

Today back to work and school but still fun was had...a little sledding out in our yard since we have just enough slope! Our son demonstrated a few sledding moves and asked me to join him! Oh boy...sledding we did...down the hill super fast, falling out onto the snow and laughing so incredibly hard we were both in tears. What fun! A little lunch and a board game by the warmth of the fire and some afternoon quiet reading and drawing for the children while momma finished up some work. Another incredible day together.

 Finding our family rhythm again of school, work, family time, play time balance.

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