Friday, November 14, 2014

First Moose Sighting and a Cat Rescue

This morning was eventful...going out to take the dogs on leash to potty and we turn the corner of our home to go into the yard and there it was knelt down eating our yard's grass....a Moose! Our first sighting at our new home. The dogs weren't thrilled- hair raised, barking...we got them inside then took a few pics from a distance and let it be as we watched from indoors at this giant beast graze in our yard. Funny creatures, it was fun to see one in person rather than on video's or on tv.

We then had an adventure traveling to our in town park again where this is the second time our children have seen the same stray kitten- brought to tears today, not because she couldn't keep it but our daughter, an animal lover begged with us to find it a home so that it wouldn't freeze. Remembering an animal shelter in town, we went over there to inquire about them taking in a stray kitten- they had no room but the owner was so touched she said she'd take it into her own home because she couldn't stand the thought of it freezing outside. Back to the park to retrieve the kitten and back to the shelter. Wrapped up in this woman's arms, the kitten purred and pushed its head against her chin and neck. The woman smiled down at it and said she'd get the kitten all fixed up with a warm home and some food. The woman thanked the kids for thinking of the kitten - I told our daughter she did a very good thing here- even though she couldn't keep it she found it a home.

Bless these sweet kids hearts!

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