Thursday, November 13, 2014

Joy of the Day

The excitement and joy of today was finally getting our family library cards. Our kids were beyond thrilled to now be able to check out books, put books on hold and search out new stories to read. They can't live without a library and I love that! A small in town, quaint library with just enough books on a variety of subjects. A sweet downtown brick building. Last night we had went to the other library in the town nearby as well to print a few things out and look around- two levels of book goodness there- it was huge! A few really great libraries super close to explore. And on the way into town last night we also saw the first signs of snow on the mountain tops- so close and soon to visit us down in town according to the weather...possibly next week.

A few books checked out and more put on hold when we arrived home with those precious library cards in hand...bird books for our bird boy of course along with the story of the Nutcracker as a read aloud and hopefully a Christmas surprise of getting to go see it this year come holiday time too.

The librarian seeing our son's choice of Eagle watching also let us know that during the winter months the lake does eagle watching tours and you can really see all the eagles during December and January- beyond excited he was to hear this...I believe some bird watching specifically for eagles will be done very soon!

Library fun for all!

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