Thursday, November 20, 2014

Logs, Robotics, First SNOW

Every day seems like something new whether it be a new bird in nature we spot out the front window, a drive into a new nearby town, a class or new book at the library....this week I finally got a few shots of the logging company down the road so our family and friends could see, of course not the great shots as we were moving along in the car! We also ventured to the library and our son joined a robotics club/class that meets weekly for 1 1/2 hours- they have volunteers and parents work with the kids- they get to start from the beginning and learn all about simple machines then get into programming and building more complex robotics as well- right up our son's alley plus that time gives our daughter more library and reading time which she loves. We had our first snow fall this morning, starting out light and continuing- I can't wait to see what the rest of the day and week brings, more snow fall I'm sure. The kids were ecstatic, playing in it already even though it barely covered the ground- writing the letters 'snow' in our driveway, eating it of course. Such fun. The beauty of the seasons just keep astonishing me- so gorgeous whether it be the leaves turning colors and falling when we first arrived a few short weeks ago or now the cold crisp snow, pure white falling to the ground so gracefully. What a blessed life.

 Silly boy not wanting to be in the picture this time :)

 Momma needed some snow boots!

First snow is a big deal for two kids that have never lived and hardly traveled to the snow before!! Such FUN!

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