Saturday, November 15, 2014

Birthday Trip Day

So, really its Monday when my birthday is...we don't usually 'celebrate' - we like to concentrate on the kids birthdays but ours are mainly quiet, at home or perhaps a meal out. Since mine falls on Monday and we have work and home school and things to do we decided to make a day trip out of today and 'celebrate'...a trip to Micheal's craft store for some goodies for momma...some new knitting yarn in beautiful lavender and green, some wooden pieces and a wood burner- something all of us have wanted to try- so excited and also a few crafty decorating scrap book items as well, stuff for card making, some new markers. Momma has been missing her creative time and the kids are excited too. Then onto a family lunch and an adventure into Coeur d' Alene for a visit to the library there for the first time- WOW again two stories of book goodness! Our family does love a good library! And a huge beautiful park next to the water scape with playground. The kids read and played and we took a walk to visit the sites- a beautiful day and back home for our first 4H get together in our new town. Birthday or not its truly a wonderful day just spent enjoying our little family and our time together.

Couldn't ask for a better birthday than just spending time enjoying my husband and children. So blessed in this life with so much love surrounding me.

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