Saturday, March 12, 2016

Staying Home

Its been sort of a normal, stay at home, nothing out of the ordinary week for us. No extra trips, no visits to the water. We've been homebodies...and sometimes its good to have some time just to stay in, get things done, rest our bodies from the go-go. Our son was a little under the weather for 3 days this week..sleeping off and on, on the couch. Luckily he was on the mend enough to enjoy a movie and sleepover with a friend last night! Zootopia- so cute, our whole family loved it!

This weekend brings more friend hang out time...our son with neighbor friends and our daughter venturing with her church friends to go bowling and have lunch together. And then of course there's the weekly animal cage cleaning and animal related big chores to do as well! A little fun, a little work and definitely a lot of time spent together. We're also getting ready to go out of town next week to celebrate our son and my daddy's birthdays! So excited! Blessings this weekend friends, enjoy!

These kids! Such a blessing, both of them.

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