Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Birding, Hiking, Fishing....Adventuring

Our son deemed last week birding week. So we took the week off of our normal school studies to go birding each day....except that it rained and poured most of the week. So we went one day and the rest of the week we hung around the house planning out some birding adventures for when it clears up. This last weekend brought a scouts camp out for hubbie and our son. They froze but had so much fun. It was our sons first official camp out. We are so incredibly blessed that he got to know the boys in his group better and is making friends. They cooked foil dinners and fished and had tons of fun.

This week we have the kids uncle in town visiting us, so we've been blessed to be outdoors even more. A trip to a new lake for fishing. A day trip to view another new lake....and much more fun to come the rest of the week ahead while he's in town. Some rain today but otherwise clear and beautiful and hopefully it will stay that way through the week while he is here with us.

 Birding & Hiking....
Our son and I ventured to some trails behind the Highlands Center for Natural History. We went just the two of us. It was an easy trail and we saw a ton of beautiful woodpeckers. No photos this time..those birds were too quick! But we have plans to go back very soon to try and capture a pic of them!
Highlands Center; http://highlandscenter.org/

 Off on their camp out...
Trip to Lynx Lake, Prescott AZ
Info on the lake:       http://www.arizona-leisure.com/lynx-lake.html

And off on a day trip to Williams and Flagstaff!
The beauty of the forest and trees immediately brings me back to Idaho.
We stopped at Dogtown Lake and Campground in Williams where our son went camping this last weekend. The boys wanted to show us around. The lake was beautiful. Chilly today but we'll definitely be coming back for some fishing!
Info: http://www.recreation.gov/camping/dogtown-lake-campground

 Love adventuring together.

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