Sunday, September 4, 2016

Day Trip & Last Week

Happy Holiday weekend!  
This last week we had a pretty low key normal week. Schooling, learning, exploring, library trip, activities of ballet, fencing, young women's and scouts, and grocery shopping. Wednesday after some at home studies our son asked to go to the zoo for the remainder of our school time. Our daughter wanted to stay home so it was an impromptu mother son outing.  It was warm out but there were still plenty of animals to view. His favorite that day was the bears- the keepers had hid treats all around the enclosure and we sat for quite some time watching the black bear dive into a huge tire to pull out a carrot, climb a tree and scale up another log to scout a the hidden treats.

Our family book the last few weeks has been the first Harry Potter book. We have a board game which has questions specifically pertaining to the book (not just the movie) so we've been having family read aloud time taking turns with it each day after lunch time.

Our daughter has been spending more time this last week with her art and designing characters for her book. She's enjoying sharing her art on the deviant art site.

Our son has been exploring a new music making program and has been experimenting and making his own songs with it - its easy and free....

Then yesterday, Saturday we went to a fencing tournament in the morning and observed. Our son being so new to the sport did not enter but we watched his classmates compete. After we grabbed a quick lunch and headed on a little trip out of town to Jerome, AZ to sight see. We had never been and plan on going back. It was very historic, tons of neat old buildings, museums and fun little shops to go into. 
“America’s Most Vertical City” and “Largest Ghost Town in America”

A beautiful day for a beautiful drive....

 Old historic hotel...

Beautiful family day, wonderful week past together.

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