Friday, December 9, 2011

Changing Habits - What's in our Food...really

My husband and I are on a journey to change our food habits, for ourselves, for our children and hopefully instill lifelong changes in our children that they can carry to their own children some day.

It started with our move out of state and then it went to the idea of starting a garden which moved to wanting to provide for ourselves and be sustainable, live off the land and has now become us researching and digging deeper, getting more information from books, documentaries and finding more and more out about where our current food supply comes from and really how tainted it is for us.

Nothing can be changed over night. Change is slow, but it takes persistence to make change.

At our food co-op we have now opted to purchase all organic. Its a higher cost for less food. To give you an idea how un-popular it is, out of 80 participants, 4 purchased organic last week.  We also purchase organic home made wheat bread and tortilla's from our co-op- but plan to make all of our own very soon...

We watched a documentary on corn the other day and our daughter immediately went to the cupboards looking at all the labels, then to the fridge. I smiled thinking this is it- us making changes, discussing it out loud as a family will flow through to our children- to their children. If every family made changes the whole world one day could change for the better - one family at a time.

For our family, we are choosing to make everything possible home eventually when we purchase land, grown everything we eat to provide for ourselves and truly know where it comes from. We have heard about and seen a documentary about 'plant based' diets and are looking into lessening our meat intake and going to grass-fed, organic, natural meat.

Here is a list of some documentaries we have found incredibly interesting, we don't want to force our opinion on anyone but for families to choose their own way and decide for themselves- knowledge is power.

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