Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas and some Meals

The kids on Christmas morning is always priceless. This year a fever and a cold hit our son just in time to feel miserable on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, but he still enjoyed what he received from Santa...

 A bike for my buddy along with a Lego Pirates game and a ninja Imaginext play set along with a few books and some little stocking goodies...and my big girl- a set of American girl items along with a new doll, clothes a magazine and books, a few new 4H shirt from Grame to both the kids-

Last week we had some awesome butternut squash 'spaghetti' sauce over pasta and on the side my husband whipped up these babies! Grilled Eggplant, Tomato with Goat Cheese- to die for! We are attempting to decrease our meat intake so we've been playing around with different veggie dishes...
 Last night- Indian. I would have loved to make some homemade naan bread but ran out of time- and bread is a long process- next time! Vegetarian Korma - Potato's, Carrots, Red and Green Bell peppers, jalapeno's, ginger, curry powder and some cilantro on top over rice- It wasn't a winner with our daughter but of course she's pretty picky but our son ate a bowl full- two thumbs up- we'd make it again!!
 And a little champagne to end the evening- the taste wasn't all that, but thought we'd try it!

The next thing I'd like to try is homemade crackers, granola bars and fruit leather for the kids lunches!

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  1. I did fruit leather in dehydrater and we loved it. Crackers I have also done. They were great just out of the oven. But even in an air tight container they became sof tby the next day. Dont know what I did wrong.