Thursday, August 23, 2012

Small Town's...Just A Thought

Just some Thoughts for the day...
Heading to a work meeting an hour away my mind thought about the big city we came from. It was only a few short years ago we were in the midst of the hustle and bustle of it all oblivious that there was any life outside of the busy kind. It's interesting the things you notice when you slow down, when life slows down, when you see so clearly whats most important in life.  Not to say you can't find this in the big city, but we didn't...only once we moved have we found our path.

Looking out the window as I made the hour drive to my meeting...not in traffic, not in bumper to bumper, not with smoggy skies, not next to rows and rows of cars, or buildings so high I couldn't see.  I got to drive to my meeting, looking out at the open fields, houses here and there, mountains on all sides, beautiful clouds rolling in and I felt at peace. There's some kind of connection in a small town- to nature, to the people, to the earth, to life and family and God- at least for me. It's amazing.We have met amazing families, had amazing adventures and explored amazing places and our journey has only begun....

God Bless this Life that has led our family down this wonderful path.
I am truly thankful.

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