Friday, September 21, 2012

All About the County Fair 2012

Our daughter states, “Fair time is the most FUN time of the year”. 

I have to say I’m in complete agreement- it’s busy, at times crazy but there’s something so wonderful about seeing all of those kids show their animals they’ve worked so hard to learn about and raise all year round.  I’m a proud momma to my daughter and son and a proud onlooker to the rest of the children there are well.  Nothing makes my heart happier!

Although our son is too young for 4H showing (he has 2 more years to go till he’s 9) he entered into ‘Open’ in Fair this year that is open to the public to bring their animals to get judged.  He entered his beloved Guinea Pig, ‘Batman’.   Batman WON!  1st Place Blue Ribbon, GRAND CHAMPION and BEST OF SHOW!  It was extremely awesome to see his little face light up when we walked up to the cage and the big ribbons were hanging there.  So used to seeing his sister receive ribbons and trophies it was nice for him to get to participate as well.

 This was our daughter’s 2nd year in 4H, 2nd year in showing Cavy and 1st year in showing Rabbit.  She was quite nervous and excited to show her rabbit she told me- but then more relaxed once they moved onto Cavy.  She did very well- in Showmanship for her knowledge; she received a 1st Place Blue Ribbon in Rabbit and GRAND CHAMPION for Cavy.  The following day was confirmation, judging of the animals- her Rabbit, a Blue Dutch Buck won 2nd Place and her Black Satin Buck won Best Opposite for Best of Breed.  Her Red American Cavy Boar won Best of Breed and Grand Champion and her Marked American Cavy Sow won Best Opposite and Reserve Champion.  She was excited to do so well in Cavy this year!  Her smiles could not make me any happier!  She was beaming from ear to ear! 

Tiring, at times exhausting, fun, exciting, happy, proud, anxious- we had a wonderfully fun week at Fair with our children and can’t wait to do it all over again next year!

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