Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bathing Guinea Pigs / Cavies, Animals & Music Fun

In waking this morning and enjoying my coffee over an unschooling book I checked out at the library I ran across an awesome quote about schooling at home:
"You do not have to have a formal teaching education, or a master's degree to home school....You MUST have a love and enjoyment for spending an enormous amount of time if not nearly all of your days with your children."   
Bathing Guinea Pigs /Cavies for Fair
With fair quickly approaching my daughter and I together decided to tackle bathing all of the guinea pigs (cavies)...all 4 of them!  She wanted them to get a sort of pre bath then another bath right before fair to ensure they are at their best! So one right after the other, we shampooed, rinsed, dried and combed.  I do have to say they smell and feel great!  We did it in the sink, luke warm water, lathered in shampoo (not on their face of course- use a fragrance free baby wipe to clean their face/nose/ears) then combed them with a nail brush and towel dried them.
We also tackled some major animal cage cleaning- 3 rabbit cages and were hoping to get baths for the three doggies as well but didn't make it. We were bushed by the time the small animals were done!  Zeke, her showmanship bunny had a great time wandering around her bed while we cleaned his area/cage out in her room.
A few fun pics of the pups....
Music Fun!!
Our son was ecstatic when he found during a trip to Walmart a drum set that included a harmonica, kazoo and other musical items.  He has been playing around with his small play guitar and his play drum set and when he visits his grandpa he is all about the keyboard and guitar there....then I just happened to remember that we have a musical basket his grandma had given the kids.  That was it- both kids dug in, turned on one of their favorite CD's and a house band was formed!  Our daughter eventually left the music scene to dive further into her reading but our son carefully laid out his instruments on the couch and sang and played for hours!  He also this past trip at the library checked out a leap pad and the book that is his favorite is one about classical music and composers!  I love to hear him be so creative!

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