Friday, September 28, 2012

Schooling, House Hunting, Stuffed Mushrooms

This week in review...We schooled, I worked, Hubbie Worked, We all house hunted and we made some Yummy Vegan Meals! Yes, its been a wonderful family week together!

Well we 'officially' or unofficially started school...we've really been learning all summer and having fun educational experiences and life experiences every day.  But we are all getting settled into a routine where we have some structured time set aside every day to pursue our interests and learning. How curious the children are about everything, how curious we as adults need to be to keep pursuing learning new things and be that example to our children that learning never stops.

I do have traditional school supplies and items but we are pursuing learning non-traditionally as well. This week we delve into volcano's and learned about Pompeii.  Both kids were fascinated as we watched a documentary about Pompeii. Our son found a love for fishing this week as he made 3 trips with Dad and learned to cast, all about lures and what kinds of fish could be found in the Colorado River.  Our daughter baked cupcakes and followed recipes on her own.  We read books, and had many great discussions this week. We've also been learning about Alpaca's this week since we are taking a field trip to an Alpaca farm this weekend.

If I were to write everything down that we talked about and learned, that would be a mighty long story! A few pics...

We also went and saw several homes this week.  Searing for the right home can be exhausting but we know with a little prayer for guidance we'll find the right one for us.

 Front Room of House 1...loving that fireplace!
 The gate to the property is behind me...loving the open view! 
And hubbie standing at the gate- see any neighbors? Yup I like it that way!

On the Veggies Meals front, Hubbie made some awesome stuffed mushrooms:
Stuffed with Spinach, Tomato, Mozzarella Cheese and Eggplant, these were fantastic!

We are excited for the weekend, picking up our veggie/fruit basket from the co-op which is always exciting to plan our meals around the wonderful goodness we receive. We are also venturing to an Alpaca Farm which the kids and us adults are very excited about! They will be having workshops going on about spinning, leather works, wooden bowl making and doll making. It should be a wonderful experience!

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