Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Chickens! and more..Chickens!

Our excitement last weekend was heading to Vegas- not for casino's or show's, eats or treats...for CHICKENS! Something about road trips are always fun! We packed the kids up, a few empty cages, some road trip snacks and were on our way...


I met online a wonderful woman who loves chickens and children and was thrilled to invite us to her farm to share her flock, her knowledge and give both of our children several chickens for free as well, to use for 4H and Youth Poultry shows.  She even went to a good friends house to obtain some super tiny birds too for them.  We made it to Vegas, went and grabbed lunch then headed to her home.  We went through many poultry walk in pens. It was wonderful to see all the different breeds, colors, learn about them and hear how much she loved raising them. We also met turkeys, 2 pigs and 3 dogs...along with some 20yr old koi fish. Its so wonderful when you connect with people with similar interests and passions.  She truly was so kind and I have no doubt we'll stay in touch for a very long time.

The kids were also so kind and so excited, and made the woman special chicken thank you cards as well the day before our trip: She was so kind and appreciative, she phoned me the day after to tell me she hung their pictures on her fridge so she could look at them often. 
A few other things we did last week...Library Books, Home made Cheese Crackers, our Rock Candy grew and some puppy snuggle time.  

Still to come this week...our weekly Library trip, a field trip with fellow homeschoolers to learn about pigeons, a trip to the grocery store in which the kids will get the items off the list and estimate the expenses together, some more poultry education and a trip to grandpa's to grind some wheat!

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