Tuesday, January 8, 2013

And the Sheep Moved In...

The first 8 days of the month have just flown by...with family in town, us trying our hardest to complete the work at the old house to finally be completely out of there, both hubbie and I working, luckily we are on 'break' from home school, and then still attempting to unpack and settle into our new home and keep up on household and animal chores. It's felt overwhelmingly busy. I want to freeze the day, the moments and just play them slower, to have more time. I know that will come.

Today should be the last full day of work at the old house then we can concentrate on our new home. Tomorrow we'll be going back to 'school' and getting into our lovely groove again. Amongst all the busy, crazy, we looked out the kitchen window one morning and had to laugh....

The Sheep were being Moved In!

What a wonderful happy, silly, fun experience to see- we took pictures, stood and watched as the men unloaded the truck fulls of sheep and they flowed out into their new home in the next door fields. A wonderful 'pause' in the busy crazy to enjoy. Reminding us that happy moments can be found and we need to be thankful and grateful always for every cherished experience.

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