Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Years Eve 2012, Happy 2013

NYE, we traveled to Vegas to pick up my sister in law from the airport. With a plane delay, we drove down the strip, the children amazed at so many people and cars in one city. It was a bit overwhelming, the streets flooded with people everywhere. A trip to the mall, to look for treasures with the Christmas money they received. A small toy bought by our son and a unique peacock locket purchased by our daughter. Every where being so crowded, busy, impossible to drive, park to get into a restaurant for food, we went to the airport early and snacked on fruit, lunchables and I treated myself to some yummy hot starbucks coffee.  While waiting for the plane, we played 'I spy', adventured up and down the glass elevator several times, people watched then walked through an aviation museum display the airport had. Our son enjoyed the items from the past, a typewriter, airmail letters, a mannequin dressed in a aviation suit while our daughter stood and read about women pilots and other flights from the past. 

 Upon arriving back home, snuggled up in our jammies, with the space heaters turned on, we enjoyed some Harry Potter as we rang in the New Year. The kids stayed up until midnight for the first time, but snoozed off and on during the movie, tired from the day. With hubbie gone working a long shift for the holiday, we all piled in my bed, myself, two kids, three dogs and we had ourselves a sleepover. So funny that you'd think after such a long day and snoozing through the movie, they would be tired, but all of the sudden, tucked into bed it was time for telling stories, tons of giggles and lots of hugs...then finally peace and sleep which this momma needed. A nice end to the year. 

And here's to the first day of the New Year, may we work hard, live happy, pursue our dreams, enjoy our family and friends and have a wonderful 2013.

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