Sunday, April 12, 2015

Getting Settled

Slowly getting unpacked and settled its been a whirlwind of one thing after another this week. Not much time for extra sleep or relaxing but in a few weeks I know we'll all feel much more rested and much more at 'home'. Enjoying a quiet Sunday morning right now...listening to music, kids are reading and playing, hubbie is still sleeping as are the pups. I love slow moving mornings.

A few pictures of our home as we're getting unpacked and finding places for things and getting furniture moved in. Our son already enjoying playing outdoors and getting dirty as well as making neighbor friends. 

 Half of the front room for our office and school room...starting to get unpacked and get it ready to go back to 'school' soon.

 Front of house and garage...after some weed eating and cleaning our kids want to plant flowers and herbs in the planter to brighten things up!
 Side yard
 Pups fenced yard...loving the shade tree's for them.
 Side enclosed patio for the small animals...for now..
Still feeling incredibly blessed to have found a rental that will allow us all our dogs, chickens, pigeons, guinea pigs and well as any other animal we want to add on!

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