Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Today its been 2 weeks since we arrived back. At times I ask myself has it really only been 2 weeks? It seems like a different life time ago. It feels natural, an at home comfort to be back on familiar ground. We've already seen family and a lot of friends. We were only gone 5 almost 6 months. It was such a short period of time...even the kids say it was like we were on a long winter vacation. Being there and having that experience though will forever change us and I can say it was definitely for purpose and a reason God sent us there...we were able to be closer to God and know him better, to see the true kindness of people in our community, to experience good will towards others, to be closer as a family as we all spent the time there together- no outside school, no outside jobs/work- just togetherness, to see Gods beautiful worldly creations first hand- nature, animals, lakes, rivers and finally to know our hearts and the most important thing to them- family...our immediate 4 of us, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, cousins...all of them. I would say the purpose of our venture was God. I know myself personally I have a much deeper connection and appreciation for the blessings I have been given...I am truly from my heart thankful for everything the Lord has provided us with and for our experience in Idaho.

As I stepped outside in our yard the other morning while the dogs went about before breakfast there was a calm. I gazed out upon the fields, the birds flying over head, the quiet of people still sleeping and it felt good. There is beauty in every place. I loved the tree's, nature and so many other things at the home we came from....but there are beautiful things here too and many things to be thankful for.

This week is moving forward with me heading out of town to see family for a short time then the kids getting back into a routine next week for some schooling. They were ecstatic to get their library cards back yesterday and we're nearly all unpacked as well. Feeling more settled into our new home and into a new family rhythm every day.

Our home in Idaho and our new home in Arizona...looking out the door....what different worlds...

May you find blessings and be thankful where ever you may be. God planted you there for a reason, trust him and have faith.

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