Thursday, April 9, 2015

ID to AZ

This morning, Thursday I'm thankful to be in Arizona. I'm feeling very calm, relaxed...and  happy. Up early working I'm blessed to catch the sun rising. Arizona has the best sun rises and gorgeous sun sets as well. The colors out the front window and to the side of our house over the alfalfa fields are the best. Ahhhh. I can breathe some relief for we made it to our destination and our travel journey is over. Leaving Saturday morning bright and early....with bumps along the road of car problems, barely getting a hotel room one eve, missing dinner and very extremely tired kids- we made it here on Tuesday afternoon. Not without the help of family or people in the community we stranded momentarily in, but we made it. So very blessed that we were taken care of and given assistance as we definitely needed the help. My heart is over flowing thinking about if we didn't have the help I don't know what would have happened. But help was given and we are here. What a wonderful blessing. Unpacked yesterday we were able to get to bed for our first night on time and sleep till morning. Momma's up now working but kids, hubbie and pups still snore in their beds. It may take a few weeks to feel rested once again. On the road, the boys rode together and the girls....posting pictures from the road from...Idaho, then Montana, then back through Idaho then Utah, Nevada and finally Arizona courtesy of our daughter the picture taker....

Storm hit Idaho two days before we moved...

 Our daughter with her two best girfriends in last good bye!

 Car problems...stuck roadside- but with a pretty view.
 passing time reading....
 passing time running to say hello to the nearby horse!
 Finally sleep

Prayers to the Lord, kindness from strangers and help from family really saw us through this trip- oh how blessed our family is.

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