Friday, June 26, 2015

Its Friday!

Its been so hectic, work wise I've barely gotten to breathe much less post, much Change is in the air though and another week or so and things should be settling down. I don't enjoy busy-hectic...I enjoy a slower paced life, filled with quality time and the ability to be at peace. Soon, soon...I get that time each and every morning when I open my devotional and have my prayer before doing anything else. Its that talk with the Lord that keeps me grounded and at peace and let's me carry on through my day with that comfort and support from him no matter what I face. This week its been hot...we haven't done much...a sleepover for our son with a friend, our daughter has been reading and playing a new game she bought, we've been hanging out with the chickens- laughing at how they enjoy crumbs of Belgium waffles, trying to keep everyone watered and cool, watching documentaries- most recently about Hawaii and just enjoying being together- inside the AC! This weekend we have plans to empty out one of our storage units and venture to the lake to the cool water. A few pics from last weekends venture to the lake...our daughter has been working with water colors...and hubbie cooked some awesome shrimp fajita's one night when I worked late. So thankful for our family.

Blessed even when everything feels so busy.

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