Friday, June 19, 2015

This week....

This week we've been recouping from our trip to San Diego. It was filled with much fun, family time, Seaworld, the fair, seeing friends, beach time and thankful we were able to spend so much time out there. Its never enough but it was so valued. This week the kids have been sleeping in late, playing with friends, reading, watching movies and taking it easy. Today, hubbie and I got to work outside, weeding and prepping to plant. We got seeds planted for corn and sunflowers to start and hopefully they will grow and shade the house and yard a bit from the hot summer sun. Boots on, hands dirty, outdoor sun and breeze on my face, planting away.....yes this is the life. I told my husband..can we do this EVERY day!? Love the simple life.

 We've got plenty more weed eating to go....we were only gone a week yet it rained while we were gone and it seems everything has sprouted up again! Time to get to if we can just keep the summer heat at bay so we can get more weeding, planting and growing done!

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