Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Chicken Fun

My buddy boy and I have been hanging out with the chickens....its an every day occurrence. Some days we feed them and then just watch them for a while. Other days we'll pull out chairs and eat our lunch outside among them. Then in the evenings its always fun to check up on them when they're snuggling down for the night to go to bed. They are just fun- everything about them- their noises, the way they run, how they eat, when they cuddle to sleep. Yeah we love them.

We got a new girl added to our bunch....Meet - Sally.
Our son named her. It fits. She's settling in nicely with the group.

 And just today our feed store in town blessed us with 4 huge boxes of organic lettuce for our animals. The stores couldn't sell them to people so they were donated to the feed store- and we just happened to be picking up some feed today and we were offered the packages for our animals. Chickens always do love a tasty treat....hmm organic too!
Blessed to be living the country farm life. We love our animals.

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