Thursday, August 6, 2015

Our happenings around here....

The last week and weekend have been enjoyable. Its great even amongst busy work days to find the moments in between to relax and hold on to. We've settled into summer schooling, both the kids feeling like math catch up was a good idea, each morning they've been diligently doing some review for a short period of time then going about their day. We've been sitting down together and having chats about day trips or places they'd like to go, things they'd like to see this year as well as idea's of what they'd like to learn or what supplies we'll need. The beginning of the year is always full of excitement, that fresh new start.

This last week...we ventured to the lake as a family and to the river just me and my buddy-boy, my son. We played together and I read, we chatted and we laughed. It was a blessing to have some one on one time. Our daughter took the plunge and decided to cut her hair- she's beautiful on the inside and out and can really wear it either way but she's enjoying the lighter feeling of shorter hair! Of course our week would not be complete without this momma taking some chicken pictures! My buddy boy and I go out every day just to chicken-watch. They run around the yard, take dirt baths, 'talk' to us. We gave them scraps this week of lettuce/cilantro and a couple peaches too. One of our hens was starting to battle heat stroke so she got pampered with a bath and an overnight sleepover in our son's room for 2 nights and has recovered well and is now back outdoors with her friends. Our daughter also had a 4H meeting, to discuss business, fill out her fair forms and practice. Fair is quickly approaching us. While her and her dad sat in on the meeting I took our son for some Train exploration and to the park to swing and run and play. Then we all drove home. A beautiful week.

And the best part is...we get to do it again over and over, week after week, enjoy this beautiful life together, make memories, make the most of each and every moment.

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