Saturday, January 2, 2016

January - Homesteading & Homemaking Goals!

December escaped us for our homesteading and home making goals...we did though do some things we had been wanting to. Each year we chat about making trays of yummy treats for the family and this year we did. Chocolate chip cookies, snicker doodles, Christmas wreath treats, Chocolate dipped pretzels, and Fudge Cake Pops. It was a busy month with activities trips and the holiday.

Homesteading and Home Making

>>One new Recipe each week!
We have fallen into a rut of doing what's easy and what we know and its definitely time to spice it up a bit and be on the look out for some new dishes.
A few we're looking at...

>>Homemade Vegan Butter
I have a feeling our new recipes may come from this site! Ran across this butter recipe that a friend said was excellent- excited to try it out!

>>Hiking Trips
We love the outdoors and are going to be marking on the calendar at least 2 hiking trips this month.

>>Skirt Sewing
Our daughter has been discussing wanting some additional skirts and they are so easy to make, so many patterns out there for free online like below.

>>Ditch Paper Towels
We did great in November and finally ditched the plastic silverware and paper plates but we're still buying paper towels. I'm thinking of sewing something along the lines of this...saw some on another site with cotton backing/terry cloth and snapped together- love it.

>>Chicken house
We had chatted about a pallet/wooden chicken enclosure for our free range outdoor birds but that didn't happen. Now with the high winds and cold we're focused on just a 'house' of sorts to keep them protected. 
Simple like this one maybe...

These are just a few of the things up on our goal board for this month of January! But as with each month we end up adding, taking away, adjusting for what is needed or what comes up!

Do you have homesteading and homemaking goals for this month?

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