Saturday, January 23, 2016

This Week

This Week......
                  .....Was Full!
>Working on Cub Scout activities - Duty to God, Fitness, Building a Fire, Fire Safety
>Trip to the River, Ninja Bamboo fighting, swinging, running, playing
>Library and Park afternoon...tons of new books checked out, tennis for PE with the whole family, scooter time, play time
>Momma and Dad day date to Home Depot, yep we love that only sometimes!
>Schooling, learning, working....GED prep, Civil War, Math review....
>Cub scout night for our son, Young Women's in Excellence special night for our daughter
>Dance classes
>Supporting and attending the 4H horse show this weekend, heading to storage for tools for a building project hubbie and our son are going to start....and perhaps a little cleaning and relaxing too!
Into the weekend we come...

Beautiful week with our family and our friends.

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