Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Daughters Decor, Crafts and Dinner

The kids are very proud of doing 4-H. Our son is too little to actually compete but he takes part none the less and has a participation award from fair last year and has learned alongside his sister about animals as well. We finally got the hardwood floors done in her room- yay for hubbie. So, yesterday we began getting a few things set up....here's here 4-H corner in progress...
She helped put together a few framed pics for her and her brother.
And she also keeps a scrapbook of additional pics her entry numbers, show flyers..so we added a few new pages and are awaiting the rest of the pictures to be mailed.
Just some painting for craft time- I made out on after Christmas sales at Micheals with these cute bird houses for .40 cents each then letters/numbers to paint for .50 cents each! 

To top it all off, dinner was another home run- Stuffed Mushrooms and Corn Chowder- thanks to hubbie, the cook of this wonderful meal!

And that was our stay-at-home, New Years Day-off!

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