Sunday, January 29, 2012

Food, Sewing and Crafts

Weekend Review- Monday creeps up on us so very fast! We are preparing a delish dinner of Cauliflower/Broccoli Curry Soup with some Garlic Bread and a big salad- yumm! This is our second cauliflower dish this week as our co-op basket came with a head last week and one this week as well. Last week we did Indian Cauliflower over Rice with Buttered Pea's and Carrots:

Our other successful meal of the week was some cheese tortellini with onions, tomato and a creamy sauce and of course some garlic bread and salad.
Our weekly co-op basket of wonderful fruits and veggies this week:

My daughter and I found a simple flower sewing tutorial on line and made some simple flowers with bobby pin backs for her hair- and I've stolen them one day to wear too :)

Then my daughter and I spent some time taking an old dress, planning out a long skirt for her and taking an old t-shirt and refashioning it to a skirt as well.

Then after a nice family breakfast of french toast and some family 'work' (chores) of room cleaning and taking care of all of the animals we spent some time crafting...melted crayons into Valentines!

And my son had fun with a bunch of crafting scissors we found making hearts.
It was a great weekend spent together along with a fun movie night of 'Real Steel'- awesome our son LOVED it! And a morning basketball game, can't wait for next weekend, until then, Hello Monday!

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