Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hectic as all get out!

This week has been full of ups and downs and not so much sleep with a 6yr old having nightmares to tons of overtime at work, 4-H practice, starting up coaching kindergarten-1st grade basketball- things have just been hectic. The weekend is bringing big happenings with our daughter going to her first smallstock show of the year for 4-H, she's entering two rabbits and two cavies and is extremely excited.

She also recently got a baby girl bunny- "Kiwi" who is a Black Satin. We've been playing around with her hair and new hair ribbons so she can figure out what hair-do she wants for her show as well.

Thankfully someone up 'there' knew I needed a break because I got a morning cancellation for work and am able to breathe until lunch time! Coffee and the computer and then some de-stress with baking- nothing big just some easy muffins- blueberry for my boy and chocolate chip for my girl.

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