Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter! 4H & 'Private' Library

Easter Weekend- We spent Saturday going with our 4H group to a nursing home and handing out Easter Baskets the kids in the group made.  The boys stayed home, so it was just my daughter and I with the group. I truly get emotional when I see how wonderfully she is growing up- I get a glimpse in between all the pre-teen crazyness of that grown girl she is going to be- so kind and caring with a big heart and so very smart and loving. Just seeing her touch the lives of others with her sweet conversations and care made me be so thankful- this is really what its all about- at the end of the day, its not about how clean her room is or if her laundry got folded and put away- its about the way she cares for others, helps her friends, family and community- I am so very proud of her.
I spent some time putting together mini-sewing boxes for the kids- they both love crafts and art projects. Slowly we are getting more organized to have everything available to them for our journey into homeschooling/unschooling- life. We also worked on our 'Private' Library our daughter calls it- getting our books grouped by Animals, History, Science, Classics- the kids both had fun with this organization- and what did they do right after we were done?? Sat on the couch with a big pile of books and read! Melts my heart to see them immersed in a story!
 A dress my daughter sewed for her American Girl doll.
 Library in's coming along...
And our own Easter Celebration...egg dying...easter basket fun and of course later a nice meal of cheesy potatoes and yummy veggies and rolls - no ham this year with our meatless journey but we are looking forward to some awesome potatoes and vegetables!!  My sweet husband brought me home my favorite flower in a beautiful purple color! So sweet!

Happy Easter! Blessings to Everyone!

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