Sunday, April 1, 2012

Library trip, Veggie Subs & Pokemon

Feels like summer already- warm,  breezy- makes you want to spend the entire weekend outside! We took a trip to the Library and came home with books on CD, movies, cartoons and more books- I didn't count how many we had in all but the Librarian was kind enough to remind me that the limit is 50 items! I seriously doubt I could check out 50 items....okay maybe! :) But not all on my own!

Here is what our 7yr old son is reading right now...and he checked out math games for the Leapster! The audio books is his new favorite so we may explore 'listening' to a book as a family soon...
 Here is what our 11yr old daughter is reading...she's a girly girl with a love of animals..can you tell!?
 Her and I are both reading Horse Riding- and the last book is for me- I usually also check out recipe books or craft books- but my son choose the craft book this time- for egg carton ideas!
After the Library we went to the near by son was anxious to scooter while my daughter was anxious to start reading her new books- 

I've been so terrible at taking 'meal' pics and usually it's our son who reminds me with 'wait we can't eat we need a picture!' This week included meals like:
Veggie Fried Rice w/Egg Rolls
Spaghetti and Salad
Rice Noodles with Long Green Beans and Mushrooms
Rice and Bean Taco's
and Grilled Cheese (Vegan) w/Tomato Soup
and lastly the one we did take a pic of...Make your own Veggie Sub Sandwich & Sweet Pot/Reg Pot Chips

And lastly our weekend craft time included the kids being so excited about the new little pokemon card books they got, they wanted to make their own favorite card character and this is how they turned out...not too bad! and they had so much fun too!

Yup it was a pretty fun family weekend! 
AND I feel accomplished that I made a huge dent in cleaning out the garage while the kids played and scootered in the driveway this afternoon- Work and Play- the perfect balance!

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