Monday, April 30, 2012

Just Play....Library, Park, Vegan Dinner

Spring Break for the kids...a little late compared to everyone else I know...the countdown begins...3 weeks left of public school- I'm giddy!!! :) And I can tell the kids are getting excited too....

Today we went out to breakfast with hubbie and Grandpa then worked on family chores- animals and laundry and packed some snacks and headed to the Library and Park before dinner....Dinner time then a family movie before bed and some bedtime stories to top off our day together. 

Awesome Moments of the Day...

*Big hugs from my pre-teen girlie and a 'thank you' for helping her with her animals
*A wonderful fix it husband who saved my morning and made my coffee maker work!!
*As I 'pretended' with my son on the playground and we made stories how we were on a ship out at sea and as I climbed through the tunnels my daughter rolled those big eyes at me saying 'Mom' (you know the tone)....then 5 minutes later she put down the book she was reading and joined in telling her little brother she was riding a swimming guinea pig in the she laughed running towards us!! See even pre-teens can have fun and play!
*And I got big belly laughs from both the kids when instead of saying it was time to go home after the park...I told them we needed to quickly swim off and get into the silver submarine and navigate it home! No eye rolls this time!
*Library trips are always awesome! New seeing the kids get excited over what new things they come across.
*Getting my work done all before the kids even woke up...felt accomplished to start the day and relax!
*Our kids both telling each other over dinner what they are 'really' interested in....daughter stating animals, ballet, american girl dolls and reading....our son stating math, reading, 'anything living' and sea creatures.

Dinner! Zucchini Lemon Pasta....well it was Chicken when we ate meat but now being Vegan, it's Zucchini! Dunked the Zucchini in homemade apple/pear sauce then breaded in flour/salt/pepper/garlic and cooked them...added lemon juice, vegetable broth and capers, some pasta and we were ready to eat! This is our little guy's favorite meal!

Trip to the Library...Here is what Mom is reading:
And what our 7 yr old is reading:
And what our 11yr old is reading:
And finally what hubbie is reading:
Can't play everyday...but we can sure try!! Today was awesome, I had the day off- tomorrow and the next day I work all day so the kids will be having fun with hubbie during his time off then I get them towards the end of the week again! Spring Break we plan on getting a ton of time outdoors- enjoying the water and parks as well as spending some time at home doing some 'spring' cleaning and taking one step at a time going through stuff so it will be easier to move come the end of summer!

It was a great day! Thankful for all the special moments I have with my family.

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