Sunday, April 29, 2012

Veggies, Horses & Ice Cream...Homeschooling

Weekend Review:
We love our co-op for fresh fruits and veggies! It's always fun to see what we get then to plan our weekly meals around the items. Looking forward as it gets warmer to see a change in our items! We currently attempt to order organic each week- unless we order late and they are out then we opt for a regular basket.
 We steamed the Swiss Chard and made a Lentil/Chard Soup with it for dinner. Loving the color of the big leaves!
Other meals in store for the week include: 
Lemon Zucchini Pasta
Baked Potatoes, Beans, Broccoli & Corn Bread
Tortellini with Spinach & Salad

It was such great weather we ventured to our 4H groups horse competition to support them and hang out with friends! Then headed off to the feed store and pet store to shop for more bunny supplies...
Splurged and let the kids pick out ice cream while grocery shopping...I can't even remember the last time we bought treats! Italian ice- dairy free :) with special flavored loved them!
Then spent the day at the river made sand castles and floated while hubby and I read books, chatted and enjoyed the relaxation time watching the kids play. Some lunch, an afternoon movie as we all vegged out on the couches was the perfect peaceful day together!

On the homeschooling front....
Our daughter is helping me put together a book list of books we'd love to get for our family home library. We plan on thrifting when we vaca this summer and hunt down some new additions for our shelves!
Our son is more and more interested in reading and growing with more confidence with every book. He's also been really into audio books.  We are 'listening' to the Magic Tree House on CD in the car and both kids love the stories.
Our daughter continues to pursue designing and sewing doll clothes and her own clothing and has now begun her first outfit for her guinea pig.
We have begun discussions about me, Mom teaching the kids piano- We have a full size keyboard but I'd love a real piano :) We are just waiting for public school to let out and give us the freedom for more activities.
Our family work is really beginning to show signs of joy rather than disgust. The children are both more helpful. Our son has even asked for extra jobs on several occasions. Working along side each other has given my daughter and I more moments for meaningful conversations.

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