Monday, December 10, 2012

Buying a Home: A Year of Blessings

Our family is so excited to be buying our first home. It been chaotic the last months, house hunting- those emotions you go through when something feels so right then it doesn't work out, or your worry if you are making a good decision, fixer uppers versus perfectly fixed, the right potential for the future. So many thoughts your mind goes through as we looked at each of the houses. The first time we saw this house was months ago- it felt so right the first time we visited it- almost scary..I could see our family in this home, then it almost seemed like it wouldn't work to be able to be in this home and we'd have to look at other we are finally moving in this weekend. It seems surreal. A dream. One we've dreamed about for many years and never knew if it would become a reality.

I can't help believe that its the timing of it all when I look back, it feels like the past year of blessings has just guided us to where we are... It feels spiritual in an essence. Our marriage is at a great place, so strong and connected, with so much love and respect, after some rough spots this past year. Our jobs are stable and schedules work perfectly- I working from home and my husband working graveyard, we can both be home during the day with our children- our children finally being at home- being home schooled.  I have spent the past year, truly from my heart, daily acknowledging, praying, being so very thankful for all of the blessings for our family- even in the tough times, the hard days, the difficult obstacles, finding the happiness, the light, the gratitude for this life, my life- it changes you. Our family has changed since we have moved out of state, several years ago from the hustle and bustle life to the slower pace, we are stronger, closer and life is in perspective and cherished more deeply as it should be.

New beginnings in our new memories to make.

A perfect Christmas blessing for our family, a new home.

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