Friday, December 28, 2012

New Additions...New Animals

Long awaited, nearly forgot, my daughter wanted me to post our new animals we got on our way to Cali in November, then just today her new duck pair came in...Her passion is her animals, our whole family enjoys them, loves them. Each so very different, their own personalities. She enjoys them not only at home but bringing them to 4H and open youth shows to compete as well.

East Indie Pair
 Teddy Cavy
 Silver Fox Rabbit
 Black Rose Comb Bantam Chicken
 Silver and Golden Seabright Chickens

When asked what she loves raising the this moment, she says her Poultry.  In addition to these new birds, she has Serama's, a Silkie and a Showgirl (Turken/Silkie mix).  But coming in with a close second is her rabbits....she especially loves her little showmanship dutch bunny who is more of a house pet than a show rabbit- and loves wondering her room and jumping amongst her pillows and blankets on her bed.

Animals bring such joy and love to your heart, taking care of them, raising them.

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