Friday, December 21, 2012

Prayers, Blessings, Merry CHRISTmas

In this moment...
I am sitting warm, snuggled up with my blanket with a hot cup of soothing green tea.
Listening and watching the big flames of the fire in the fireplace rise and pop, lighting and warming my home.
Smelling apple cinnamon candles that I just blew out...
Hearing my children quietly whisper and giggle beneath the covers...past bedtime.
Missing my husband who is in bed soundly sleeping before a long shift at work, appreciating his dedication and hard work he puts in for our family.
Reflecting on the week...

This week I received bad new, that will cause us hard times, this week I prayed, several times...and I prayed, in thankfulness and gratefulness, I prayed for guidance, support, love.  This week I received blessings, wonderful moments with my children, meaningful talks with friends, support of my husband and my family, love from everyone I know, and even some guidance...a pointer in the direction my path will go. It may be the holiday's speaking, the stories I read of Christ to my children each night, but at the end of the day, I know I am not alone, I know everything will be okay. 

Merry Christmas, to all, Blessings to all as the holiday's take us through to the new Year.

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