Monday, February 18, 2013

Container Garden / Chicken Coop....more Animals

Ready for spring already and warmer weather our family has been preparing the yard and getting ready to plant and bring all the chickens outside...recently moved we have yet to build coops, so now is the time! Dabbling in chicken coop designs my husband has been researching what he'd like to build as well as how we want to set up the garden, or at least set it up for this first year of planting which will be smaller than in the future.

Container Garden / Chicken Coop
So, we opted for 6-8 container gardens which cost $10 for him to build, not bad! Then he designed the chicken coop to fit over so that its dual purpose, the chickens can then clear out the garden after the season. The chicken coop is moveable so that we can put it in any location around the yard. We moved two chickens in yesterday to clear some weeds and they are enjoying their new home immensely!

 We believe the bantams may still live in smaller cages in the 'barn' overnight just for predator protection and because they are our kids show birds but as far as the bigger guys go, they can stay overnight outside with much less risk.

Road Trip...more Animals
Over the weekend we made a one day Phoenix trip which took us about 5 hours to and from...a long day. We spent the day at a Rabbit and Cavy show, meeting new friends, catching up with old ones and talking to breeders. Our daughter used the chicken money she got from selling a few birds to purchase a cavy and a rabbit. We met some of the most wonderful people- the two breeders she bought her animals from spent so much time with her, educating her, teaching her, mentoring her- about the breeds, how to care for them, feed/housing....just about everything and answered all her questions. They both expressed how much they love to see young people interested in the animals so much. It was a great experience and worth the long trip there and home.

This week to come we will be having a Rabbit and Cavy 4H meeting, having the children help with more coops and gardens, working more on our Penguin study and diving into some science experiments, working on computer math, traveling to the library and more!

Happy Monday, may this week bring you much joy and adventure!

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