Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day

We scored big time at a Michael's craft store that was closing and were able to pick up decorations and supplies for the kids to make home made valentine cards, for 90% off! Now that's my kind of sale, paid under $5.00 for two bags FULL of stickers, cards, ribbon, candy, paint, everything!

No snapshots of their cards but they used stickers and ribbon and wrote their own personal messages inside, its so much more special than a store bought card, that they took the time and energy and thought to make it important to the one who received it.

Above our fireplace...our 'mantel' or one day we hope to have an actual mantel there!
 A hidden corner by our daughters craft desk.
 On our son's homeschool table.
 Sneak peek into mailboxes from Mom and Dad...just a few items- a cute duck, a heart pez dispenser, knee high heart socks for our daughter and a neat magnetic car for our son.
 Along with a note and a card from Grame and Grandpa who live in California.

Happy Valentines, spend the day hugging your love ones, making sure they know how special they are and enjoying your family and friends.

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