Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Just DANCE....Ballet

When we 'started' this homeschool year, our daughter fully immersed herself into Ballet study...She checked out kind of encyclopedia of poses, movements, terms from the Library and made herself a study booklet where she took notes and drew pictures of ballet feet doing the positions. She also watched every documentary Netflix had available, checked out more video's from the Library and even hunted down a video on how pointe shoes were made. With the busyness of the holidays we beckoned the children to wait until after to start their classes, then finishing up moving into our new home, here we are in February already and she started her class this week.
She has never taken a dance class in her life.

She went into Ballet II and 'tried' the class- she kept up so well, she KNEW her positions. She was very serious, concentrating, working hard throughout the class. Her teacher asked her if she had lessons and she said 'no'. Her teacher came out to the parents waiting room to me and asked again- 'Did I hear you right, she has had NO lessons?' Again I said that is correct, NO lessons! Her teacher smiled and me and said 'WOW" 'She is an amazing natural dancer.' I did go on to tell her she home schools and has been diving into learning about ballet for months now- and her teacher responded 'Yes but to come into a class and apply it so well and gracefully from reading and watching, is amazing.'

What a know you think your children are amazing all of the time...but to hear from someone else that she is a natural and amazing, it warms my heart to the fullest.  The teacher then went in and told her the same thing and through the window of glass I peered at her from the parents waiting room, not being able to hear but just being able to see her expression...slight blush, humble, sweet, grinning from ear to ear, a 'thank you' and back to her positions working hard.

I believe she has found another great passion. She got into the car after the class and couldn't stop talking about how welcoming the girls were, how great the teacher was and how much she loved the classical music and exclaimed it did not feel like hard work at all- she loved it!

Amazing Moments.

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