Sunday, February 10, 2013

Outdoors, Silhouette Craft, Peguin Study

Our weekend plans to enjoy the sun were quickly dismissed as the clouds rolled in and rain came on Friday. The beginning of last week started with temps upwards of 85 and we talked about water fun and summer time...I know in February right!? We soaked up the sun outdoors, working to clear the yard, playing in between, resting and making sure the chickens got their fresh air as well!


Silhouette Craft
I love crafty home projects, while the children painted their own pictures I got to work on Silhouette's of  the children I'd been wanting to do forever! I have seen them on plan white backgrounds, colored backgrounds but figuring out that I wanted them to go above our piano and with the children's love of music, especially 'Swan Lake' that they both can play I choose to do the background on sheet music.
I looked up free sheet music and ended up getting it and printing it from here: Music Scores
Swan Lake: Swan Lake Sheet Music printable
I took head shots of both the kids then used it to trace the outline and painted in black- I love how they turned out!

Penguin, Arctic, Sea Study
On the learning front next month is my big guy's 8th birthday. How time goes by so fast, truly. We are going to be heading to California to see family as usual during birthday times so this year we have decided to surprise him with a trip to Seaworld- he's been asking for the last few years to go so it should be a wonderful surprise for him! His sister knows we are going. We had lightly studied Penguins during the summer time but when talking about diving into Arctic and Sea studies they both wanted the main focus to be on Penguins again. This time I found some awesome teacher resources on Seaworlds website and we are using the 4-8th grade Penguins Study packet to start and also incorporating geography as we find out where the different types of penguins live. Our son loves maps! We checked out books and documentaries from the Library to supplement our study too.
Seaworld Study Guides: Sea Life Study Packs

Other Studies...
Caught in the act....a sweet sister reading out loud to her brother as he rests one afternoon.
 In other studies, our daughter still hung up on her Titanic research checked out more books as well as a promising book containing 'The History of Shipwrecks'- our son even asked to view that one with her. She is working on a presentation to the family about all she has learned because she is so excited about the topic! Love to see that passion!
 And we are finishing up our Dust Bowl studies this week, with a documentary we were waiting for several weeks from the library.  Our daughter read parts of the Grapes of Wrath book to accompany our studies but found the reading somewhat slow and difficult so after skipping over some but reading most we decided to go get the video and plan on having some discussions and writings about the characters and time period after that.

We hope your week finds you learning new things, exploring and enjoying life homeschooling!

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