Thursday, August 15, 2013

Frisbee, Thrifty Books & Boots, Studies & Science Corner

This week we adventured an hour away to drop off some 4H books and forms then decided to spend the day there, eating a picnic lunch at a park and playing frisbee. It was peaceful to get away for the day. We relaxed, played, talked and had fun. We also thrifted some school books, a board game and two pairs of boots for our daughter which she is thrilled about while we were on our outing for the day.

Studies & our Science Corner....Our daughter has been hard at work, studying her animals for fair, making a to-do list and sticking to it. She has also been spending time practicing her typing skills with an online program she is enjoying. She would like to become a faster typer to be able to type the stories she writes.
While she studied our son and I got to work on our Science Corner. Since he would like to study life cycles like the butterfly and the frog, we put together a little nature corner for him. 

Always a work in progress getting everything out, available and organized for the kids! They have been a huge help with input, decorating their own home school corners and making decisions on what items are really important to keep and what they may be able to part with.

Today we venture to the river and the library, two of our favorite places.

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