Thursday, August 8, 2013

Summer Ending- Homeschooling Interest Inspirations

Its strange to say the 'end of summer' and the 'beginning of the school year' only because we really technically never took a summer break. Life learning goes on always, you can't 'take a break' from life, it just happens. We may have not had as much structure these past few months but we still learned. So as many homeschoolers are headed back to 'school' but we have a few more weeks to go, waiting until after our fair is over to officially 'go back'. These next few weeks are dedicated to animal studies and prepping the animals for fair. It is something both our children are very passionate about. Our daughter sets her own schedule of reviewing questions she may be asked, researching about all of her breeds in detail, studying all of the parts of her animals, common diseases as well as handling each of her animals daily. She is extremely dedicated. Although too young to show our son studies along side her as he has animals as well. In another year when he's old enough, he will have an abundance of knowledge for a 9yr old starting out.

So, even with 'school' not starting in a few more weeks, we've been discussing off and on what school will look like next year, what everyone is excited to immerse themselves into at the start and what adventures we will go on. The children have decided to continue schooling as we did last year, child directed, led by their interests. I enjoyed this way of schooling and I'm glad they feel the same way to continue it. I am also open to as they grow and change our way of schooling may grow and change.

Our daughter discussed in the next year or so looking more thoroughly into what she needs to accomplish and learn to obtain her GED. I'm proud of her that she has grown to be able to choose her own path, find out what steps she needs to take to get there and implement it. It is amazing to see her growth over this past year as I'm sure even through this upcoming one she will continue to thrive and blossom.

Our daughters list of interest so far:
*Ocean Life, Sea's, Tides, Specifically Whales and Migration
*To learn to Knitt
*Sew a Dance bag and dance clothing- skirts, leg warmers
*Travel to Animal shows in states she's never been to and learn about more breeds of animals as well as do state studies as we travel

Our sons list of interest so far:
*Tadpole growing kit, learn about frogs
*Mushroom Identification, whats edible in the forest
*Earn his Jr. Ranger Badge
*Study Blacksmithing with Dad
*Build a Robot
*'Explode' Stuff

Momma and Daddy have been working on a list of interests to pursue as well. If you have a love of learning, your children will have a love of learning.....

Daddy:  *Blacksmithing, Gardening, Projects around the house and yard- clearing the yard with a tractor, hunt down some old carpenter and yard tools
Momma: *Gardening, Gather more new Vegan Recipes, Knit with our daughter, Natural cloth Dying, Try soap making, learn to bake sourdough bread.

We've also started on a 'Wish List' of supplies we'd like for this year with the children:
*Good Microscope
*Wall Map of the US
*Good Drawing Chalks
*More boardgames

 Last year, the year started with them telling me what they were interested in and me helping to figure out and give them choices on what could be done within that interest for all of their subjects- history, math, science, reading, writing and so forth. This list of interests that we have started have already sparked them to think ahead and our daughter especially has grown with independence as she writes lists herself of what she will do for each of her subjects within her interest. Our son still young, needs help researching. I love to study along with them and they are just as excited to share new information with me as well. Our journey is amazing.

Her horse list looks like this:
*Study all of the breeds
*History- study the origins of the breeds, if a country looks interesting study further about that country, study horses in US history, what were horses used for
*Science- Study the anatomy and parts of a horse, research how the digestive system works and what they should eat, find out about care for their body, hoofs, teeth, learn about babies
*Math- If I wanted a horse how much does it cost- all of the supplies to build a pen- find out how much space they need, square it off in our backyard and measure, how much food and vet bills are, if I needed to board it how much is that. If I wanted to grow my own hay for them, how many acres would feed my horse, how much hay would I get from a certain amount of land.
*Read books fiction and non fiction about Horses.
*Take notes and write which breed I would want and why so my parents can see

And this is just what she has so far.....So as we have several weeks left, we add and add to our lists, excited to take one day at a time, one moment at a time, this month concentrating of fair and next month starting to dive back into our studies daily.

Happy School Year to all of our Homeschooling Friends!

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  1. I am loving all of this. Mushrooms have interested me latly as well as telling which berries are ok to eat sence my kids are always trying to eat wild berries.