Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My buddy and Me

A Momma's boy slowing turning into a Daddy's boy, I can't say that I mind much. I savor it, breath it in knowing it won't last forever...8 years old now...I love that he still loves to be close to me, still wants to hold my hand, still wants to be held and snuggled at bedtime...and every morning comes and curls up on my lap, leans his head on my shoulder and whispers good morning momma to me. Sweetness. Pure love.

Today as Sister slept in then slowly got dressed for Ballet, 'my buddy' and I went to work- feeding the dogs comes first, then outside to wash out chicken water dishes, feed everyone and spend a few minutes giving everyone some pets, hellos, and laugh over their silly behaviors! Dropping Sister off at Ballet we headed to the park for a morning snack and some playtime. We talked about Ant Hills, looked for treasures in the sand and grass field and enjoyed our precious time together. He always has the best idea's, the most intriguing questions and conversations at times above a normal 8 yr olds interest.

6:30am sun light coming...

Puppy breakfast...
 She wants some more...
 Morning nap time...
 More chores..
 Hanging with the big boys

This afternoon was spent helping my daughter study her animals for fair coming up, working on completing her record book for 4H as we talked about next year, ballet classes, school studies, interests and goals.

Homemade Enchilada's for dinner. The kids quickly got their bathing suits on for their 4H meeting at the river....This eve Dad's on duty, taking the kids to 4H while I am bogged down with a few work projects.

Spending meaningful moments together every day.

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