Friday, May 2, 2014

A work trip...Farm Tour, History of Swords & Knives

Work took myself and the kids on a trip out of town this week, 3 1/2 hours away...the car ride was peaceful..seeing the cattle out in the fields go by, catching glimpses of nearly 12 deer...what a wonderful sight. Stopping by a feed and grain store to view baby chicks, baby turkeys, baby rabbits and a few pigeon, chicken and other pens..getting idea's for our own. A tiring but good trip spent together...

Our week started wonderfully  with a trip to a friends farm- a tour, seeing plenty of animals, birds, and their greenhouses. The kids enjoyed spending time with their friends as did we, relaxing, and learning. A joyous experience with friends.

Our son has been enjoying the book below, which entails pictures and descriptions of knives and swords in history. It's inspired us to look closer at several models in several era's of time.

Both of the children have taken to writing stories, our daughter's are typed out on the computer, chapter by chapter and our son has more of a comic book approach with visual pictures and less words, both are extremely creative and funny in fact. I'm completely impressed with both of their skills and creativity. As I type, our daughter reads on the couch and our son has already been working on his story for the last tv, cartoons, just quiet concentration, relaxing.

Into the weekend we come, thankful it is Friday today after having been on the road all day yesterday. A Library trip, some grocery shopping and cleaning the home is in store to prepare for their Grandpa's arrival next week. 

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